Our Story

smileforEarth began as an at-home small Etsy business in 2019 by its founders Natalia Gurgacz and Adam Palczewski. The idea was born from the desire of living a sustainable, plastic-free (or low-plastic) lifestyle and making it accessible to our friends and family. It remains an at-home business creating homemade products and we have since grown into having our shop on our own website. 

We were introduced to the world of ecology and nature when taking a university lab together and began to recognize the importance of biodiversity and the impact that the Earth has on our lives. Plastic pollution is something we are both incredibly passionate about and through smileforEarth, we hope to translate its importance to those around us. Currently, we are still finishing our university degrees while being committed to smileforEarth. We do everything ourselves; from designing to producing each product. 

We'd like to thank everyone for their gentle love and support, and for being patient with us as we grow and learn more about ourselves, our business, and the Earth.

Responsibly Made Products

We are committed to using plastic-free, organic, local, and ethically sourced products when creating and packaging our products. Our packaging includes paper-based materials, some of which include recycled materials. All of our labels are 100% compostable.

We are open and willing to be fully transparent with our customers (and ultimately ourselves) and would love feedback or ideas on how to further create a more sustainable business. 

5% of our proceeds go to environmental charities dealing with at-risk species, plastic pollution and overall climate change relief.